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Sting Ray Decals Gallery (13 Images)

schwinn Grey Ghost chainguard decal.JPG

500 x 375 | 1/2 | 1/4 size
schwinn Grey Ghost chainguard decal.JPG

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Schwinn Sting-Ray Decals and Stickers

Fortunately for Schwinn owners, we can still get decals and stickers for our bikes to replace the aging or missing ones we have. You can sometimes find NOS stickers, but repop stickers are a lot more common and often a better choice because they are new. Schwinn is making authorized reproductions for pretty much all Sting-Ray variations throughout the years. There are a couple big sellers of these decals and stickers: Hyperformance Pete and Vintage Schwinn, or try this link for more ---> Link

Typically you'll find several decals on a Sting-Ray including:

Seat Tube Schwinn Quality Chicago

2 Stik Shifter decals, 1 for speeds, other is circular

"5" Stik Shift Knob

Fork Darts

Bottom Tube Frame

And the Chainguard, although Schwinn originally painted this on.

Or you can buy them in complete sets which is great for restorations

Below are Schwinn decals and stickers for sale. Check back frequently for new parts added.


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